Project Templates


  • mies Minimal ClojureScript project template

  • figwheel-template A Leinigen template for live coding with figwheel (includes Reagent and Om variants)

  • chestnut Application template for ClojureScript/Om with live reloading

  • cljs-start A lein template for creating ClojureScript lib with batteries included

  • mala A lein template for building UIs in 100% Clojurescript, with Om, Garden, and curated libs

  • reagent-template A Leiningen template for projects using Reagent

  • re-frame-template Leiningen template for reagent web app based on the re-frame pattern. Includes figwheel and optionally re-com and secretary

  • descjop A Leiningen template for Web based desktop application with Electron(atom-shell) and others

  • electron-template A Leiningen template for creating Electron based ClojureScript projects with support for Reagent


  • tenzing Clojurescript application template using Boot

  • jamal Basic ClojureScript frontend repo with testing using Boot

  • saapas A complete frontend and backend example using Boot

Shadow CLJS

Original author: David Nolen