Packaging Foreign Dependencies

This page explains how to package non-Closure compatible JavaScript libraries for ClojureScript consumption. Before packaging a library make sure that it has not already been packaged by someone else. CLJSJS is a promising community driven effort to provide a curated set of dependencies. To avoid duplication of effort and dependency conflicts it’s recommended to contribute to a combined effort such as CLJSJS.

When packaging a non-Closure compatible library for ClojureScript consumption make sure to include the development version of the library, the production version of the library, and an externs file. For example if you were packaging React for consumption the directory structure should probably look like the following:


Note that you must specify deps.cljs

A deps.cljs file for React might look like the following:

  [{:file "react/react.js"
    :file-min "react/react.min.js"
    :provides ["com.facebook.React"]}]
 :externs ["react/externs.js"]}

Now users can simply add your JAR like any other dependency in their pom.xml or project.clj and require the com.facebook.React namespace in their ClojureScript source to import React. It’s important to understand the namespace in this case is completely synthetic - foreign dependencies are always loaded globally.

JARs may contain as many foreign libraries as you like just add more entries to the :foreign-libs vector.

:file-min is completely optional but the above pattern is recommended for the best experience for library consumers.

For a full example see react-cljs.

If your foreign library has dependencies then you must enumerate them in a :requires vector.

  [{:file "jquery/jquery.js"
    :file-min "jquery/jquery.min.js"
    :provides ["org.jquery.jQuery"]}
   {:file "jquery/ui/core.js"
    :file-min "jquery/ui/core.min.js"
    :provides ["org.jquery.ui.Core"]
    :requires ["org.jquery.jQuery"]}
   {:file "jquery/ui/autocomplete.js"
    :file-min "jquery/ui/autocomplete.min.js"
    :provides ["org.jquery.ui.Autocomplete"]
    :requires ["org.jquery.ui.Core"]}]
 :externs ["jquery/jquery.js" "jquery/jquery.ui.js"]}